Modul-o-box is a 3D printable,

modular case, virtually of infinite size

...for any of your projects, instruments, or storage needs.

For only 17.46 €


Modul-o-box is a building kit. With standardized parts you can assemble a case as large as you need. When your needs grow, just print a few more parts and add them on


3D printing is one of most energy efficient technologies available. Printing with biodegradable PLA, which is made from corn, helps keep our planet green.

Revolutionary and inexpensive.

A 3D printed Modul-o-box in base size will take just few grams of filament, and compared to standard off the shelf cases, you will realize a significant savings.

Let us show a few examples of how this system can work for you.

Modular Case for Modular Synth

3D printed Eurorack case which can grow with your module count

Let´s check details ->

Scalable pedalboard for every guitarist

3D printed pedalboard in which you can organize your pedals dynamically

Let´s check details ->

Tough casing for your Raspberry Pi projects

3D printed cases which easily accommodate your mild or wild RasPi creations

Any standard 3D printer

can be used to make it!

All Modul-o-box parts are constructed with the printing dimensions of the standard 3D printer in mind. Therefore, any ordinary 3D printer can produce a complete case of any size. It does not matter if you have Prusa MK3, Ender 3 or any other no name printer, they will all do the job.

All files are provided in STL file format.

Modul-o-box-e all your things!

Modul-o-box system is a revolutionary scalable, ecological, and inexpensive solution!

Only 17.46 €

30 days of unlimited downloads